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The Current Newsletter is ERRC's biannual journal, it contains feature articles on Chinese worldview from professors and scholars of leading seminaries and universities. It also includes prayer requests from our teachers in the field, reports of the organization's latest projects and activities as well as a financial summary for the year.

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Winter 2009

Within the larger scope of Marxist theory and Christian theory are several points of convergence which have been points of discussion... namely, the Marxist concept of alienation and the Christian doctrine of sin... (Rev. Dr. Charles Robertson Jr)


Spring 2009

For 30 years, the Chinese government has promoted a series of reforms which have had a profound impact on China's economy and society. Religion is no longer seen as simply a negative and reactionary force... (Dr. Ying Fuk-Tsang)


Winter 2008

It is a fascinating movement of history that from the time the Christian church encountered China, particularly beginning in the Ming dynasty, it felt a deep kinship between its own ethical/wisdom tradition and the Confucian ethical/wisdom tradition... (Dr. Henry Rowold)


Summer 2008

A major challenge for the Chinese in understanding Christianity is Confucianism. Both "ethical faiths," they differ in their perception of reality. How does the gospel relate to the single greatest influence on the Chinese worldview? (Dr. Charles West)